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What is DNA Parentage Testing?


DNA Parentage testing is the most reliable and powerful method of proving or disproving parentage. It conclusively answers difficult questions, resolves disputes, helps streamline court proceedings and facilitates pretrial settlements.

Testing is based on a highly accurate analysis of the mother, child and alleged father Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), the unique genetic blueprint within each nucleated cell in the body, determines a person's genetic pattern and individual characteristics. A child inherits half of this DNA pattern from the mother and half from the father. If the mother's and child's patterns are known, the father's can be deduced with virtual certainty.


Who can use DNA Parentage Testing?

  • A man wondering if a child is really his
  • Someone wanting closure or peace of mind
  • A woman seeking child support from a man who denies he is the child's father
  • A person attempting to win visitation or custody
  • A parent going through a divorce
  • A person seeking to establish Social Security benefits, inheritance rights, or Native American tribal rights
  • A person seeking to immigrate into the U.S. on the grounds that he or she is a blood relative of a citizen
  • Someone wanting to identify biological grandparents or siblings
  • Those who have received inconclusive results from other methods or who want a "second opinion"


How does the testing process work?


Testing is performed using the latest PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) technology combined with the Identifier system for analysis. Our lab uses PCR DNA genetic analyzers that are the very latest in technology, used most recently in the Human Genome Project. The Identifier system allows us to test 16 unique DNA loci for each person - three more than the 13 DNA loci used by the FBI in establishing their standard for human identification.

As an added measure of reliability, each test is independently run twice, and the results from each run are compared for accuracy. Each test is reviewed and approved by at least one Ph. D. director experienced in paternity testing.

In 2002, our lab became the first in the paternity testing industry to truly run every DNA twice from beginning to end. The American Association of Blood Banks requires only 'exclusion' tests to be run twice, but to ensure complete confidence in your results, we have taken our testing several steps further.

Our laboratory employs only the most experienced Ph.D.'s and technicians to test and review your case. Our laboratory directors work closely with the AABB. One has served recently as the Chairman of the AABB Parentage Testing Accreditation committee, and one currently serves as a member of the Standards committee, setting rules for accredited paternity testing laboratories.


How accurate is DNA Testing?


DNA testing is the most conclusive and widely accepted method for testing biological relationships. Our contracted lab is the only one to offer dual processing with PCR technology; therefore, we can provide the most accurate and definitive results in the industry. We routinely provide results with a probability of 99.99% or greater for inclusion and 100% for exclusion.


How can I set up a test?


Simply call the number provided or email us. You will work with one of our experienced partners who will guide you through the entire process, from the initial contact to the delivery of your test results. Be sure to settle for nothing less than a DNA test from National Drug Testing and DNA Solutions Center.

Call: 251-210-8667

Email: steve@nationaldrugtesting.com


How soon can I get an appointment?


For your convenience we will make arrangements for the collection of your DNA as quickly as possible. Because we utilize cheek swab collection, the process is very fast, completely safe and painless. Most collections for 2-3 people take less than an hour. Proper identification is important, so we encourage you to contact us for information.


How long does it take to get results?


With our laboratory's advanced technologies, we can deliver the fastest results in the industry. We have a variety of services with results available within a week from the time our laboratory receives your samples. Urgent testing is available upon request, and results can be ready in as fast as 24 hours.


Are my results legally admissible?


National Drug Testing and DNA Solutions Center's laboratory is accredited by the AABB, CLIA and NYSDOH. Our reports are recognized by courts in the U.S. and most countries. Our test results are routinely 10 to 1,000 times more accurate that what the court requires for proof of parentage.

To ensure strict chain-of-custody, all parties are positively identified, photographed, and fingerprinted when samples are collected. We store all DNA samples in a secured facility to ensure accurate, legally defensible results. A notarized test report will be sent to all tested parties and attorneys if requested. Expert testimony services are available. No results are given over the phone.


How much does it cost?


Our goal is to keep DNA testing accessible and affordable to all, while maintaining excellence in quality and service. Many of our clients are surprised at how affordable DNA testing is today. There are many different testing options available depending on your situation, so we encourage you to call for a quote on a DNA test to fit your needs.


Did you know?

  • A doctor's order or a court order is not required to have a DNA test
  • Mouth swabs and blood samples have the same DNA - both are equally accurate
  • Client relationships and results are strictly confidential
  • Accurate paternity testing can be performed when the mother is not available